4th Grade vs Gravity

Egg Drop 2017 Cover Image

4th Grade Egg Drop ~

Every Fall, our fourth-grade classes study the basics of energy. How does energy play a role in our every day lives? Do we create energy or does it already exist? What is the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy, and when does one change to the other? Many of these interesting questions are answered in our annual "Egg Drop Experiment." It's a favorite highlight for many students and a "claim to fame" in fourth grade! Students are given very few guidelines and are encouraged to use their creativity to build their very own contraption containing a raw egg that is dropped from the roof of the elementary building (about 20 feet). Students must think about what materials will be good insulators and absorb the impact of the drop to protect their precious eggs. Will their eggs break or will they survive the drop? What contraption would you create for this egg-citing project?

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