Appreciated stock

With the stock market setting all-time highs, donors can take advantage of giving appreciated stock and avoid paying capital gains taxes at the same time. If you donate the stock directly (before selling it), you can take a deduction for the full market value without having to pay capital gains taxes. Call Liberty for more information: 765-644-7774 and ask for Dr. McCurry.

Generous and committed donors give thousands of dollars each year to help Liberty balance its budget and open its doors to hundreds of children who might not otherwise be able to attend. We are grateful to each and every donor for what they are able to give.

The school holds several an annual fundraising auction each year. The Parent-Teacher Foundation (PTF) also sponsors a Serv-a-thon at the secondary school and the Liberty Olympics at the Hillcrest campus each fall, which raise money for equipment and supplies for teachers and their classrooms.

We encourage all current and potential donors to Liberty to support their church financially first, then prayerfully consider donating to the school. You can do so right here if you would like, through PayPal:



Liberty also has a relationship with the Sagamore Institute, a scholarship granting organization (SGO) in
Indianapolis so that donors can take advantage of Indiana’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program. By giving to the SGO, donors receive a CREDIT (not just a deduction) on their state tax bill equal to half (50%) of their gift. Donors can designate Liberty as the school to which Sagamore will then grant scholarships for eligible students. Please visit the Tax Credit Scholarship page or contact Liberty for more information.