Katie Girt

Katie Girt

2nd Grade Teacher

We asked Mrs. Girt…

What is your favorite part about being a Teacher?

My favorite part about being a teacher is experiencing learning with all of my students. The moment when a student suddenly understands a concept or asks a very deep question is one of my favorite parts of teaching. Especially, the look on a student’s face when they are excited about learning and wants to share it with someone else. My favorite part is not only the learning experience but also getting to know all of my students. Learning about who they are as a learner, and what motivates them to grow every day.

What is your favorite thing about Liberty Christian School?

My favorite thing about Liberty Christian School is the very supportive community of people I work with. I have never been in such a community, where I am supported and encouraged every day. God has created a wonderful community where the people glorify Him in everything that they do.

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As a young girl, Katie Girt grew up in Tokyo, Japan, where her parents are missionaries. Her father is the pastor of a small Japanese church and she would always help out her mom with the children’s Sunday School. From a young age, she has had a heart for young children and wanted to pursue a career in teaching. After graduating from Christian Academy in Japan, she left Japan to attend college in Knoxville, Tennessee. She got her B.S in Early Childhood Education and then continued schooling for another year to get her Masters in Holistic Education. During her schooling, she met her husband Joel Girt, and they have been married for 4 years now. After she graduated, she worked as an instructional assistant at a school in Carmel. After working there for a year, she wanted to find a lead teaching job and that is when God led her to Liberty. She heard about Liberty from her husband, who went to Liberty his Senior year. This is Katie’s second year at Liberty and she is blessed to have found such an amazing school. Besides teaching, Katie enjoys taking walks with her husband, playing board games with family and friends, and watching movies and television shows.


Master of Arts in Holistic Education from Johnson University

B.S. Early Childhood Education from Johnson University

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