Liberty’s mission statement begins: “Liberty is a Christ-centered community…” and because that is true, the spiritual life of students and their families is foremost in the plans and activities of the school.

The first of our core values is ensuring that all student learning and school experiences are centered in biblical truth, so, naturally, Bible classes are an important part of what we do.

DSC_03452So, too, are the weekly gatherings at each campus for chapels, where students participate in–and often lead–corporate worship and hear messages from speakers regarding God’s truth.

Each year the high school and middle school also go on annual retreats, at which the primary purpose is to cultivate growth in the spiritual lives of the students (and a secondary purpose is to encourage growth of personal relationships between students and teachers).

Another feature of our secondary school program to develop spiritual maturity is Spiritual Emphasis Term, a two-day “in-treat” (rather than retreat) during which teachers offer two-day modules covering a Biblical topic such as forgiveness, sibling relationships, dating, etc. At the end of each day, the school meets together to hear from a special speaker.

Finally, because we would like for our students to become “doers of the word and not hearers only,” Liberty designs service and missionary opportunities during which our students have the chance to live their faith.

Praying over Liberty’s new people movers.

More than these formal plans for spiritual growth, however, are the numerous teachable moments and the spontaneous interactions that define the atmosphere and culture of Liberty Christian.