PTF is an organization of volunteersDSC_1091
(primarily parents and extended family members).
Our vision and mission describe what we seek to accomplish.

  • PTF Vision – To build the Liberty Christian School community in a way that glorifies God and nurtures our children’s spiritual growth and academic success.
  • PTF Mission – We strengthen the partnership between families, teachers, and staff in order to have a positive impact on their lives and our children.

PTF activities range from landscaping to grading papers, from donating cookies at Christmas to managing or working an event, from helping in the office to driving a bus … to name a few!  Some activities occur at LCS and/or during school hours.  Other activities are more flexible, with new opportunities continuing to emerge.  So, whether you have a few hours to give or feel called to take on something larger, there is a way for you to engage in the LCS community.

Ways to Engage

  • Fill out the volunteer form here in FALL 2016 & email your completed form to a PTF Officer listed below
  • Sign up for PTF messages. To receive text messages: Dial 317-494-7489, then enter Message@47164 and hit send. To receive email messages: Send an email to: (you can leave the subject blank).
  • Attend a PTF monthly meeting (see the LCS calendar for dates / times)
  • Contact or become a PTF Officer
  • Connect with us on Facebook


Amanda Armogum

VP, Secondary

 Looking for a volunteer!

Co-VPs, Elementary

Jessica Fenwick,  Heather Vargas


Brandi Parker


 Julie Likens,            Diann Raper