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The Liberty Christian Fund at Sagamore Institute SGO

Scholarship for Education Choice

Some Facts About SGO Donations:

  • There's no limit to your donations. Your credit is applied to your state tax liability and may be carried forward up to 9 subsequent years, but it can't be carried back or refunded.
  • It makes your ability to donate go much further! Assuming a cash donation, itemized deductions, and less state taxes paid due to the tax credit, the average cost of a $1,000 donation is $302-$425; a $5,000 donation is $1,510-$2,125; a $10,000 donation is $3,020-$4250. Check with your tax professional regarding your specific situation!
  • There are many employers who will match donations to SGOs! 

Donating Through an SGO is a Great Way to Support Liberty Christian!

Supporting Liberty Christian by donating to Sagamore Institute SGO is an excellent way to maximize your tax deductions while supporting our mission (as always, check with your personal tax professional about your specific situation). SGO funds go directly to helping families who may not otherwise be able to afford to send their children to Liberty Christian.

To donate to the Sagamore Institute SGO, please go to the Liberty Christian School page on the Sagamore website.


Why donate through an SGO?

The State of Indiana sets aside a special, limited tax credit for individuals or corporations that donate to a scholarship-granting organization (SGO). For the fiscal year 2017-18, Indiana has allotted $12.5 million in credits. Donors who donate to an approved SGO will receive a 50% tax credit (Note: not a deduction, but a credit!) against their state tax liability. The credit amount resets after July 1st and is usually depleted within a few months, so get your donations in as soon as possible to take advantage of the tax credit! You can check for more details and the current tax credit that is left on the Indiana Department of Education's website.

Does my donation still qualify for federal tax deductions?

Yes!! Donating to the Sagamore Institute SGO Fund for Liberty Christian is just like donating to any other charitable organization. Check with your tax professional for more details because everyone's circumstances will be different.

You keep talking about the Sagamore Institute. What is that?

Sagamore Institute is an Indianapolis-based public policy research organization that promotes excellence in education. Their Scholarships for Education Choice program is certified by the State of Indiana as a Scholarship Granting Organization or SGO.

Do I have to give money? Are there other gifts I can give instead?

Besides money, you can also give assets such as vehicles, jewelry, business inventory, precious metals, stocks, and other valuable items. You can even give gift cards!

Where can I get more information about this program?

Here are some helpful links: