Jay Hinkelman

Secondary Math Teacher

We asked Mr. Hinkelman…

What is your favorite part about being a Teacher?

I get to stand up in front of a bunch of students, drawing on a whiteboard and talking about math, and they HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME MWA HAHAHA

What is your favorite thing about Liberty Christian School?

All the administrators, faculty, and staff here are extraordinarily nice and really care about the students. I haven’t found any negative attitudes.

More About Mr. Hinkelman


Jay Hinkelman grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL, where he attended public grade school, followed by a Catholic college-prep high school, where he had some truly inspired, and inspirational, teachers. From there it was off to Purdue University for four years. Although Jay always had an interest in teaching, he foolishly wandered off into the tech/programming world in the 1990s, where he slowly got bored and frustrated. (Follow your dreams, kids.) Things started to look up in 2002, when he took on the twin roles of tutoring coordinator and test proctoring manager at the Anderson campus of Ivy Tech Community College. This gave him the opportunity to teach an occasional college-level math class, which only further whetted his appetite for teaching. When an emergency need arose for a high school math teacher here at Liberty Christian, Jay leaped at the chance. So here he is! He’s still new around here, so if he commits some awful faux pas, please explain it to him patiently. Jay has been married since the mid-2000s to his wonderful wife Patty, an LPN. They have one son, age 10, and one black cat named Raven. In his spare time — well, actually, he doesn’t have so much any more, but he vaguely recalls doing a lot of community theatre and occasionally dabbling in writing plays and screenplays. Oh, and he’s a major _Doctor Who_ fan.


B.S., Applied Mathematics, 1990, Purdue University
B.S., Computer Science, 1990, Purdue University

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