Robert E. Preston

H.S. Bible Teacher

We asked Mr. Preston…

What is your favorite part about being a teacher?

My favorite part of being a High School Bible teacher at LCS is the joy of seeing and of being a part of the marvelous development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ experienced by my students. Just as I rejoiced and marveled at the birth of our sons, I am blessed to rejoice and to marvel at the spiritual birth of some of my students. For/with other students, I have the honor and the pleasure of partnering with their parents and their pastors/youth pastors in the ministry of raising up disciples of the Lord Jesus helping them to become fishers of men and preparing them for what they will encounter in the world after high school graduation. As a coach revels in the development and the progress of his team’s player, I, too, am able to revel in the development and the progress, spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially, of my “teams.” I love the anointing that I feel in our Bible classes, and I love to see students who receive revelation and inspiration as we study God’s Word together, and I love it when I see a student anchored in a solid biblical worldview from which no assault of the enemy, the world, or even their own flesh can shake them.

What is your favorite thing about Liberty Christian School?

The love, support, prayers, and encouragement of faculty, staff, parents, and students are of immeasurable worth. This allows the Holy Spirit’s presence to flow throughout the school and to be felt every day.

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Bob Preston was born in 1948 in Dundalk, Maryland (a suburb of Baltimore) and raised there, Bob completed High School. at Dundalk High. While in High School and plagued by a flare-up of a childhood bout with rheumatic fever, Bob was removed from the wrestling team at the start of his Sophomore year. He then joined the drama club and had the lead role in two plays. For his performance in “The Zoo Story” in his Senior year (which won Best Play in the Maryland State competition that year), and he received the Best Actor Award. From 7th grade on Bob was in the accelerated academic program, and was he awarded to full-tuition scholarships. One was for engineering at Bucknell in Pennsylvania and the other for Ithaca College in New York for Theater Arts. However, due to an industrial industry suffered by his father in the spring of 1966, Bob found it necessary to work full-time to help with his families finances, and thus he chose to attend Towson State College. He attended Towson full-time while commuting from home and working two part-time jobs.

It was in the summer of 1969 that Bob met Mary Jane Vito who also attend Towson. The two were married the following April of 1970, and Bob and Mary Jane have been totally and completely in love with each other and have been married since that time. He has two sons, one a successful entrepreneur and the other an IT specialist. He and Mary Jane also have two granddaughters, both in college. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Biology with Certification to teach at the Secondary Education level, and with regard to some research he was working on, he was given the opportunity to teach for two years at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland where he taught introductory Biology and Genetics. As a result of an investigation of corruption spearheaded by Bob and a tenured Professor at the college which led to the resignation of Spiro Agnew from the office of Vice President under President Richard Nixon, Bob was required to resign his teaching position. He then served for four years in the insurance industry as a claims investigator and adjuster for permanently disabling injuries and fatalities. After having recommitted his life to Christ in March of 1975, Bob heard the call of God to the ministry in September of that year, and in 1976, Bob, Mary Jane, and their two sons moved to Anderson to attend the Anderson School of Theology part-time. Bob had worked his way through High School, College, and some graduate studies by working in local supermarkets. Now, while in seminary part-time, he held down three part-time jobs, one of them as a Youth Pastor and Director of Christian Education with the Anderson Church of the Brethren. It was also during this time that Bob taught Anatomy, and then the Biology 101 course at Anderson University. In 1978 Bob began to teach at LCS full time as a Middle School teacher of Bible, Math, and Science. In January of 1979 Bob served as an elder and co-pastor at the New Life Christian Church, and in 1979 he became the second Administrator of Liberty Christian School. While serving in this position Bob founded Living Word Ministries, a storefront church and teaching ministry. He is the pastor emeritus, and he continues to serve as a teaching elder, of New Life Church. His teaching ministry continues via a blog, “Fresh Bread Ministries.” The LCS Board, feeling, at that time, that it was incompatible for Bob to serve as both the LCS Administrator and a church pastor, requested that he move to a part-time position with LCS, which he did for five years as a teacher and part-time H.S. Principal. It was during this time, due to financial pressures, that Bob started Alpha-Omega, a professional cleaning services business. He sold that business in 1996 when he went to work for TruGreen-ChemLawn and ServiceMaster as, first a salesman, then a Sales Manager, and then as a Regional Training Manager. For ten years, from 1996 to 2006, Bob served as a short-term teaching minister with churches in Brazil, South America. After several trips there in the summer and a family camp in February, Bob’s ministry focused on working with the Igresia Batista da Gloria in the city of Londrina, Parana. This church planted 18 other churches in cities throughout the state of Parana and beyond, and in 2006 Bob lived there for three months helping them to develop a course in Mission for their seminary and instituted a course for their church leadership teams in English as a second language to assist them in their dream of planting churches in the U.S., which they had begun to do. Returning home, Bob was seeking the Lord’s will for his next phase of ministry, and, considering his age, probably his final stage. While recovering from a near-fatal bout with acute pancreatitis in Dec., 2006- Jan. 2007, It was during this time of recovery in January of 2007 that Bob heard a Barna report that said that more than 75% of Christian young people left the faith while attending college, the vast majority of whom never returned. Initially feeling that the Lord wanted Bob to return to the classroom at the college level to help to make a difference in this growing crisis, he yet felt hindered by the Spirit of God to do so. It was then that Mary Jane suggested that he apply to teach once again at LCS. When he did so, he was immediately hired to teach M.S. Bible Classes for grades 7-9 as well as the Honors Biology Course. After developing the curricula for Bible 7, 8, and 9, LCS moved Bob progressively, year by year, through the grades 10-12. In doing so, Bob continued to develop the Bible Courses for LCS for each of these grade levels. He now teaches Bible 10, 11, and 12, and he has no plans for retirement, for as long as he feels mentally sharp and physically able to handle the demands of the job, Bob feels the Lord’s anointing to “infect” his students with a deep love and a blazing passion for Christ Jesus and for the Word of God.


B.S. in Biology with Secondary Ed. Certification M.A. in Bible M.Div.

M.A. in Bible M.Div.

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