Sheila Hayden

Sheila Hayden

Director of Admissions

We asked Miss Hayden…

What is your favorite part about being a Director of Admissions?

My favorite part of being the Director of Admissions is working with both current and new families. I have always enjoyed people and learning about them. This job allows me to meet new families, talking to them about their life story and getting to know them. I work with a team from the Business Office to the Front Office who make coming to work fun and full of friendship, while maintaining the integrity of the work environment.

What is your favorite thing about Liberty Christian School?

My favorite thing about Liberty is the sense of family, the ability to pray for and with others and knowing when I need prayer I am covered. When I have a new family come into our school and they share their heart I can openly pray with them. That is the best part of Liberty.

More About Miss Hayden


Sheila has worked with children and families since her adolescence. She began working as a babysitter in her youth, then becoming a Licensed and Certified Child Care Provider through Army Community Service. When she moved back to Indiana after traveling as an Army Wife she began to work as an Employment Specialist, then as a Rehabilitation Aide. Sheila has always volunteered and worked with the schools her children attended and with the birth of her third child, she began to work as a Substitute Teacher. Seven years ago she moved to the Anderson area after her daughter Chelsea, who was attending AU told her about LCS. Sheila began working and volunteering at Liberty and became an advocate for the school. She worked with the Admissions Director during the summer months helping with the Enrollment Process and officially accepted the position in July 2017. Sheila is the mother of three children Kent, who works as a Finance Manager, and has blessed her with four grandsons and a granddaughter, Chelsea who works as a Behavior Clinician and Emily who works diligently in school as a soon to be Junior at Liberty. Sheila loves spending time with her friends and family, watching Emily cheer and play volleyball, her dog Juno, working on her family history, and spending time outdoors.


Degree in Human Services pending

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