Yorgo Douramacos


We asked Mr. Douramacos…

What is your favorite part about being a Custodian?

I like the quiet consistency of cleaning up an endless series of reliably similar messes.

What is your favorite thing about Liberty Christian School?

The Liberty family is an extension of my own and has always been there for me.

More About Mr. Douramacos


Yorgo graduated from Liberty in 2000 and has since shown a pronounced tendency toward wandering off occasionally only to return, secure in the knowledge that Liberty would always welcome him back. On his circuitous route to adulthood, Liberty has served as a consistent rallying point and anchor as he has pieced together two college degrees, a handful of small publication credits, and a regional Emmy nomination for documentary work done in college. Yorgo is a chronically aspiring writer, a hopelessly nostalgic film photographer, and a likely disappointment to anyone asking if he’s seen “that show” everyone’s talking about. At the age of thirty, he finally met and fell in love with a woman he had almost met probably a thousand times throughout their eerily overlapping life paths. They were married three years later, in 2015. He got his drivers license in 2016 at age 34 after resolutely refusing to go anywhere faster than a mosey throughout his twenties, and he is finally about as grown up as he is likely to get. He still shows a tendency toward parking in peoples’ blind spot and going unnoticed for long stretches of time.


Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production From Full Sail University, Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Ball State University

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